Bookkeeping, Billing and Bill Pay

If you are not a bookkeeper, don’t try to be one. Receipts, transactions, invoices, billing, bill pay—Simplify Bizness takes care of it all. No more paper! No more spreadsheets! We work with your accountant to deliver the reports they need. Bill pay, billing and bookkeeping made simple.

  • Pay bills
  • Invoice customers
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Financial statements
  • CPA collaboration

People and Payroll

Simplify Bizness streamlines managing your team. We manage from recruit to leave and everything in between. What about payroll? We have you covered. Simplify Bizness takes care of time scheduling, time tracking, direct deposit, and payroll tax filings.  Go paperless. Employees have their own secure online portal giving them access to copies of paystubs, W2 forms, employee and training manuals and any other information you provide.

  • Manage the hiring process
  • Implement the onboarding process
  • Training setup
  • Track attendance, time off and milestones
  • Process payroll and file payroll taxes
  • Manual and document creation
  • Team scheduling
  • Setup company communications system

Contact Center Services

Don’t you just hate calling a company for help, then after 60 minutes of being on hold, receive a recorded message saying your call will be returned? What – you needed help now! Your return call comes 5 hours later. OUCH! Or how about email only or web request customer service? It may take days to get your simple questions answered.

Having the Simplify Business team to answer phone calls, return after-hour calls, and respond to emails, chat online, and text messages puts you far ahead of most of your competitors.

How would you rate your customer service? Need help? Simplify Bizness is your answer.

  • Live person for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call transfer
  • Receive and respond to email
  • Receive and respond to text messages
  • Live website chat
  • Emergency alerts

Customer Engagement

Are you wasting precious dollars prospecting without a good follow-up system? A Forbes study on internet leads showed that only 27% of internet leads get spoken to—and anywhere from 35% – 64% never get called at all. Your customers also need attention as well as your blog and social media community – if new content is seldom or inconsistently posted, visitors will stop coming back.

Simplify Bizness simplifies the prospect and customer engagement process. We provide the services that turn prospects into customers and keep customer retention high. If customer engagement is not your expertise, contact us—we can help.

  • Launch and monitor email and direct mail campaigns
  • Manage customer and lead nurturing processes
  • Schedule social media postings
  • Notification of social media responses and mentions
  • Conduct surveys
  • Warm lead business development

Projects and Processes

Need help with a project or setting up a new system? We are the one to call. We take care of one-time or ongoing projects. Here are just a few of the things we can do.

  • Workflow automation
  • Business processes
  • Software implementation
  • Database and CRM management
  • Data entry, migration, import and de-duplication
  • Paper-to-electronic document conversion
  • Administrative projects

Our services are based 100% in the U.S.A.

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A Word From Our Client

Pam and her team has been instrumental to the growth and success of our organization. The team treats every one of our clients and potential clients with as much, if not more care, respect, and courtesy as we do ourselves.  Pam has responded to every one of our requests for tailor made solutions, and has introduced us to tools and technology that we would not have known about without her and her team.  We consider Simplify Bizness an integral part of our organization, and feel quite lucky to be a client of theirs. has provided services for our company for two years and we can honestly say that we couldn’t have made it through our busy seasons without her! She is a perfectionist– extremely competent and efficient. We have been able to rely on Pam to make good judgement calls and to handle our financial data and other confidential information in a trustworthy manner. She’s dependable, diligent– and her passion and personality make her a joy to work with!
Adam Walls, 5812 Group

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