Our Story

Founder Pamela Crenshaw always believed in entrepreneurship even before she knew what the word meant. As a child, she started several businesses to buy gifts for her family. After many years in corporate America, she decided to go back to her roots and became an entrepreneur. She quickly found out that entrepreneurs work long hours and lack the experience and support in core areas of business. Unlike corporations, small business owners did not outsource task to sources with experience. Instead they try to do it themselves. She decided to take all her areas of experience and develop affordable services that benefit entrepreneurs, even if they are just starting. That was the beginning of our journey!

Our Why

Simplify Bizness believes every entrepreneur deserves a partner that believes in their mission and vision and works together to meet their goals. The Simplify Bizness team is that virtual partner. We focus on providing services in areas entrepreneurs generally lack experience in or hate to do, tasks that are time consuming, presenting a professional image to your customers, and giving exceptional service. We want to help every entrepreneur be successful and have a good work/life balance. Success can look different for everyone, but we all want to spend time with the people we love and have the time and resources to do the things we love to do.

Our mission is to give business owners more time to enjoy life and to enrich the lives of our team..

To help people in business fulfill their dreams and spend time doing only what they care about the most.

All In – We provide exceptional service and deliver on our promise. We are engaged. We have a spirit of excellence. We are passionate and productive. We have a “can do” attitude. We are accountable for all we do. We are change makers.

Empowerment – We empower everyone to make suggestions and create new ideas. Give everyone permission to make decisions that are in the best interest of the customer and our company. Everyone’s voice is heard.

Integrity – Respectful, honest, compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy is who we are as people and a team.

Openness – Open and clear communication. Share knowledge and wisdom. Be forthright with each other and our clients. Give and receive constructive feedback. Keep an open mind.

Community – Create an environment that is family oriented, fun-loving, supportive, encouraging and everyone feels valued. Eliminate all gossip and back biting.

Collaboration – When we work together as a team, partner with our clients, exceed their expectations, and help them grow – we all succeed.

Always learning and growing in our personal and business lives.

We carefully select team members that have a passion and drive for delivering exceptional service and whose beliefs align with our mission, vision, and core values.

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A Word From Our Client

Hiring eBizness Solutions is one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting my business in 1991. Their service has reduced my turnaround time in half and my record keeping process drastically, saving my company financially and improving the integrity of my firm.
Valerie Williams, Covenant Living